Monday, October 26th was BC School Library Day, and students all over BC stopped what they were doing and read for 20 minutes to celebrate the joy of reading.

Division 2 helped spread the word by creating wonderful posters to place around the school and after lunch the whole school, teachers included dropped everything and just relaxed and escaped into their books.  Even the parents and children in Little Readers were able to participate in this wonderful celebration.  Reading is such an integral component in everything we do, from reading for the pure pleasure of reading to being able to follow the directions of complex tasks.  I want to thank all of you who were able to participate, and look forward to next years event.

Why Read?

The more you read, the more you know.  The more you know, the smarter you grow.  The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice, when speaking your mind or making your choice.                                                                                                                    author unknown