scholastic bookfair

We have just finished our first Scholastic Book Fair for this school year.  The book fair was open during lunch (after students eat lunch of course) and after school.  It was also open during the Teacher/Parent Conferences, and I really enjoyed meeting so many parents.  The students were encouraged to bring down their parents to introduce them to me, so if you missed me this time I encourage you to come visit me at our next book fair or even just pop in after school one day.

I am proud to tell you all that the book fair was a roaring success!  It is such a pleasure to have so many eager readers and wonderful parents who support their children’s reading.

book fair monster1

We sold over 800 books and our total sales were over $5000!  This means that our school gets to keep 60% of the profits in the form of new books for our library.  I have already chosen just over a $1000 dollars worth of new books, and I was able to purchase a lot of books that I just would not be able to afford for our library without the book fair fund raiser.  I took into account books that the students requested to support their reading interests and books that the staff requested to support their learning programs when choosing these new books.  I also took into account my knowledge of the types of books I see students are interested in and the types of books we need to fill out our collection in order to support districts learning outcomes.

book fair monster2

I have saved a good portion of the funds to further develop our library and school needs in the coming months.  As with all forms of learning resources, books become dated and need to be removed from our collection.  As holes form they need to be filled with new and up to date resources, so I want to thank all of you so much for not only being so supportive of your children’s reading interests, but so supportive of our wonderful school.

There were several different contests happening during this event, and many prize baskets to win.  Students from divisions 1, 2, 3, 10, 12, and 13 all won prize baskets.  Each prize basket included a book choice along with a bookmark and several other tools.  Another student from division 3 guessed how many pages were in this pile of books almost dead on, and won a copy of the newest “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series  “Old School”  along with a “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” poster.  The grand prize of choosing $25 worth of books went to a student in division 2, and Mr. Clark also gladly accepted the reciprocal prize of choosing $25 worth of new books for his classroom.

I have to tell you, that without the support of the PAC for lending me the space to set up the book fair, the parents who gave up so much of their time to help out during the fair, and the numerous students who helped out with the setup, the running and the take down of the book fair, this fair would not have been anywhere near as successful.  So a giant THANK YOU to all of those from our learning community who stepped in.  In addition a huge THANK YOU to our wonderful, supportive school administrators and to the staff who were so understanding and flexible during the book fair.  I’m so lucky to be working with such a wonderful school community.