The books will arrive at some point on Thursday, March 3rd and I will be working hard to get everything up and ready for the book fair to start on the Friday. I will have the book fair open Friday, March 4th thru Wednesday March 9th, at Lunch and after School. I will also be open during the Parent/Teacher Conference Night. Students have been encouraged to bring their parents down to see me at the book fair before or after their parent teacher meeting on Tuesday, March 8th. Those who do, just because they came down to see me, will receive an extra draw ticket to put into a draw to win $25 of free books of their own choosing at the end of the day on Wednesday.


There will be other prize draws happening at the book fair once again. There will be one prize draw where students need to try and figure out a question that will be on display, and every student who wants to guess can enter to win. There will also be 7 other prize draw, choice-baskets. Students will receive one ticket for every book that they buy throughout the book fair and they can choose which draw box to put their ticket in. The baskets will contain a choice of one of two books, along with some other goodies.

Good Luck to everyone. J     Hope to See You All at the Book Fair,


*SPECIAL NOTE: There is a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE section within the Scholastic Book Fair. It is their way of saying THANK YOU to the entire school community for our continued efforts and commitment to literacy. PLUS! Scholastic Book Fairs will donate 50% in Books to designated children’s hospitals through select Big Brothers, Big Sisters agencies in our area.


Every purchase you make, counts in a BIG way!