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Annie Barrows is the author of the Ivy and Bean series.  This is an amazing series and we have many titles.  Annie Barrows describes the Ivy and Bean Series on her website, ivy and bean 2http://anniebarrows.com/kids-home/ivy-bean/about-the-series/ in the following way:


“One of the big problems of being a kid is that your parents often try to make you play with people you don’t really like. My parents were forever trying to get me to like the kids of their friends. These kids were often weird. I didn’t want to play with them. It was a problem.

I remembered that when I was writing the first Ivy + Bean. Ivy and Bean are very different. Bean is loud and wild and goofy. She loves to be involved in games and poke her nose in other people’s business. Ivy is quiet and full of ideas. She spends most of her time learning how to be a witch. Each girl thinks the other one is weird. Each girl thinks she could never be friends with the other. Especially because their parents keep nagging them about it.

But sometimes opposites can become the best of friends because they’re opposites. For example, people who like to talk need people who like to listen. And people with great ideas need people who can put those ideas into action. For Ivy and Bean, their differences mean that they have more fun together than they could ever have separately. It also means that, together, they do more wacky things than any one kid could ever dream up.  The Ivy and Bean books are about the adventures—and disasters—created by this unlikely team. And since their motto seems to be “Why not?” there’s every reason to believe that their capers and catastrophes will continue for quite a while.”

Mary Pope Osborne started writing the Magic Tree House books in 1992.  She was later joined by her sister Natalie Pope Boyce and her husband Will Osborn, who have co-written many of the fantasy-fiction stories of the  series.  Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce and Will Osborne also started to create the nonfiction “Fact Tracker” books that can be paired with the fiction stories in 2000.  These are a great series of early chapter books full of magic,magic tree house 1barnsandnoble.com

time travel, and fascinating adventures.  A magical tree house whisks Jack and his sister Annie back in time to amazing locations and events, and even some mythical places too.  In 2001 the Merlin’s Missions books were added to the list.  These books, starting with Christmas in Camelot, are about twice as long and are at a higher reading level, so that students who started with the original Magic Tree House books can continue to follow their favorite characters into new adventures.

Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan, has a new and wonderful book to share with us. Crenshaw is a magical story about family, friendship and resilience.  Crenshaw is a very large, invisible, and imaginary friend of Jackson’s… oh and he is a cat!crenshaw

Hard times have fallen on Jackson’s family.  His father, once a hardworking construction worker, has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and can no longer work full time jobs.  His mother was a teacher but her job no longer exists and she has been laid off.  Without the money to pay the rent it looks like the family will be moving back into their van.  In this time of uncertainty, Crenshaw returns back into Jackson’s life.  Having an imaginary friend when he was young was not a problem, but now Jackson is going into grade 5….

Jackson has a scientific mind….is he going crazy….. can friendship, real or imaginary, help Jackson deal with the idea of homelessness?  Is there Hope?

“Holy Unanticipated Occurrences!”   Well not really, Author Kate DiCamillo has once again produced another enchanting and heartwarming story!   Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures, Kate DiCamillo’s second Newbery Medal Award Book, brings a new and captivating style of novel to the scene.  With the suggestion from her publisher at Candlewick Press, Kate Flora & UlyssesDiCamillo was linked up with another multiple award winner, illustrator K.G. Campbell, to publish a split-narrative style novel.  Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures combines graphic novel style illustrations throughout the text, which works seamlessly with the story, creating a magical affect.   “Holly Bugumba”

This fast paced, fun-filled adventure story begins with a comic book loving, self-identified cynic, a neighbor’s out of control vacuum cleaner and an ordinary squirrel; or at least it was ordinary.  Flora, a lonely, ten year old girl who has given up on hope after her parent’s divorce, sees the world through the eyes of her favorite comic books, The Illuminated Adventures of the Amazing Incandesto! and Terrible Things Can Happen To You!, with an emphasis on the Terrible Things Can Happen To You!  When she runs down to save the poor squirrel who had been sucked up in the vacuum cleaner she realizes that a new superhero has been born.

Ulysses becomes more that just any hero, he become Flora’s emotional rock.  Flora has sneaked Ulysses past her inattentive  mother, who seems to care more for her shepherdess lamp, and the romance novels she is writing than in either her ex-husband or her daughter; but

Flora & Ulysses
An Eccentric Cast of Characters You’ll Really Love

in the morning her mother becomes aware of the semi-hairless squirrel and fearing it is diseased declares her intentions of seeing it dead.  The neighbor, Tootie, and her nephew William Spiver, who is “temporarily” blind due to his own family issues, team up with Flora and her dad in an attempt to keep Ulysses from harm.  “Bagumba,” through an endless array of hilarious adventures we wonder can superheros really make everything right?