Mission Public School District has access to various pieces of the

ERAC Online Database Bundle.

Each school has its own login and password. Contact your Teacher Librarian to get the log-in information.

There are many great K-6 resources  including:

World Book Kids: “World Book Kids is the premier reference website developed especially for young students. It features an intuitive user interface, thousands of easy-to-read articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, and a wealth of engaging games and activities.”

Encyclopedia of British Columbia: “This database includes over 4,000 entries and hundreds of photos, maps, tables and charts.”

Canadian Points of View: “Canadian Points of View Reference Centrecontains more than 180 topics, each with an overview (objective background / description), point (argument), and counterpoint (opposing argument). Each topic features a Guide to Critical Analysiswhich helps the reader evaluate the controversy and enhances students’ ability to read critically, develop their own perspective on the issues, and write or debate an effective argument on the topic.”

Novel List K-8 Plus: “Novelist K-8 is a database about books specifically for younger readers. It helps kids find books that are just right for their reading level and interests.”

Recommended Databases:

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Canadian Wildlife Federation Encyclopedia

COSEWIC Species Database

Canadian Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

Kids’ Movies – National Film Board